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Pragmatic Language Disorders

What are pragmatic language disorders?

Have you ever said something inappropriate in a social situation? It happens to everyone, and it’s a source of temporary embarrassment. However, those with pragmatic language disorders may be unaware that they’ve said something wrong. Children and adults with pragmatic language disorders do not have appropriate cultural social communication skills. This may be due to a developmental disability like autism or brain damage from a stroke.

This means that they may have difficulty picking up on social language cues, such as how close to stand to someone when speaking, how to speak to a child versus how to speak to an adult, or how to give background information. They are often unable to take turns in conversation or interpret on body language.

How are pragmatic language disorders treated?

Speech therapists work closely with patients to help them understand language within social context. We also work with children and adults to help them hone their communication skills and practice scenarios to help them understand the details of social communication. We believe in a team approach to treatment, so we work closely with family members and physicians. Please contact us to schedule an appointment or for more information.

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