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Augmentative Communication

What is augmentative communication?

If you’ve ever gestured or written something down in order to relay information, then you’ve demonstrated augmentative communication. Facial expressions, symbols and pictures are all examples. Augmentative communication is even more important when working with someone who has speech or hearing difficulties.

Those who have severe expressive language difficulties may need to use a type of augmentative communication to get their point across. As a result, they are able to relay information more effectively. Sometimes, those with severe communication difficulties may need to use an augmentative communication device to assist their communication.

What are examples of augmentative communication devices?

Examples of these communication devices include:

  • Communication books
  • Speech-generating devices
  • Pictures, symbols
  • Gestures/ body language
  • Sign language

At Therapy Works, we understand that one method does not work for everyone. Therefore, we use different varieties of augmentative communication depending upon the individual needs of each patient. Do you know someone who could benefit from augmentative communication? Contact us for more information and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you have.

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