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Sarah Jon Paquin, MA, CCC-SLP


East Carolina University, Master of Science, Speech Pathology

Strengths in the field:

Sarah Jon brings a wide variety of expertise to our Therapy Works team. She has extensive experience working with the pediatric population and carries caseloads of numerous conditions and deficits such as expressive and receptive language delays, autism spectrum disorder, apraxia and articulation delays. She also works as one of our feeding specialists who treats children with feeding difficulties and sensory integration.

Sarah Jon is also one of our lead therapists for the adult population in the Wilmington office. She evaluates and treats numerous patients with aphasia, traumatic brain injury, swallowing difficulties and voice disorders. Many of these patients come with another condition or diagnosis that requires the therapist to understand and gain knowledge of various diagnoses, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, vocal nodules/spasms, dysphonia, etc.

Personal Interests:

On her days off, she enjoys spending time and soaking up life with her husband and two young boys. Her other interests include visiting the beach, travel, cooking, and yoga.


Sarah Jon Paquin, MA, CCC-SLP